Business lawyer

> Exchange of driving licenses to foreigners

> Civil status registration

> Resolution f divorce

> Application for construction permit

> Getting marriage with the foreigner

> Services for Overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in HCM

> Transfer of real estate

> Heritage - testament

> Procedures for applying the certificate of house and land use rights

> Heritage - testament

> The consultancy of legal contract

> The legal consultancy for enterprises

Apply for licenses, certifications

> Security

> Apply for transportation business license by car

> Language/Education Centre

> Apply for travel business license

> Obtain a certificate of eligibility for fire prevention

> Apply for a hospital operation permit

> Get 1 star hotel permit - 2 star

> Security services

> Apply for a film production license

> Apply for permission to operate a polyclinic

> Application for an environmental protection commitment

> Announcement of imported food standards

> The permit of pharmaceutical trading

> Apply for permission to operate a traditional medicine clinic

> Apply for a printing license

> Apply fr vocational training certificate

> Proclaiming of functional food standard

> The application for the wine business license

Change of business license-Investment license

> The change of the address to the another district

> Decrease charter capital

> Change company membership

> The license change - the business lines

> Change to increase charter capital

> The change of the legal representative

> The adjustment registration of the investment projects

> The change of the company name

> The change of the business license

> The address change in the same district

Dissolution of company - branch - representative office

> Dissolution of enterprises

> Dissolution of foreign representative office

> Merchandising business restructuring

> Dissolution of branch - representative office-location of business

Criminal - civil litigation - debt collection

> Punish criminal offenses

> Defend the dispute in court

> Dealing with debt collection

Labor - Insurance - Foreign work Permit

> The application of the work permit

> Procedures for extension of visa

> Procedures of applying for APEC card